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Stop hitting me with that ruler, and what the fuck is with this condom on my desk? 
18th-Oct-2010 02:46 pm
blond, billie joe armstrong, green day
 Well, I got to get home early today. Want to know why? Because I was technically sexually, and physically harassed in two of my classes. In my first period, this boy I have never talked to before, put a condom on my desk, and called me various names such as bitch, fucker, etc. This fucking pissed me off, because I'm not going to tolerate this kind of behavior. I'm a woman, I believe that I should be treated with respect. And in  my fourth period a boy, who sits next to me, who hadn't said a word to me since I first walk in, suddenly decides, once the rulers are passed out, to start hitting me repeatedly in various places. Mind that these were sensitive areas, such as the exposed skin on my hand- in other words. It hurt like fucking Hell.
Ugh, I reported everything to the Dean, though, and now there's this whole fucking thing, and charges are being pressed, because they're considered serious cases, and what not.
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