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Eulogies, cheap cigarettes, whiskey shots, and valentines.
Billie's Night Up (fan fiction) 
22nd-Oct-2010 05:15 pm
blond, billie joe armstrong, green day

Billie stood back up, and from the kitchen, continued to lazily move around his house. The worse part about staying up late for Billie is, he gets bored easily, and he never exactly fancied going on the computer; so gleaned to watch T.V. It ought to pass some time, he figured. So, off he went to the living area, and sprawled himself out upon the couch. Billie just recently started having troubles with sleep, so he was familiar with the couch and the crappy condition it was in that gave him zero comfort. It is hard to find good furniture these days. The couch had been through a lot of shit, to be honest. But that’s when Billie was a little fucked up… Or, just a little more fucked up than he is now. Billie felt around for the remote. He was too lazy to turn on the lights, and instead continued to rummage around the cushion, feeling for the device. Billie widened his eyes, as if that would help him see any better in pitch blackness. Billie slipped his hand between the crevasses and finally managed to find the clicker.

Billie settled back into his position, head on the arm of the sofa, and his legs stretched out to the opposite side. Taking the remote in hand, he pointed it towards the television, and switched it on. The harsh light that had suddenly radiated off the screen hurt his eyes after being in the darkness, and he grunted. Billie flipped through the channels, and of course, nothing was on except old ladies trying to sell you stuff, and advertisements about losing weight, and food, and all kinds of useless shit. Click, click, click, went the remote as he went through many of the various channels. He finally stumbled upon a cartoon show, which he didn’t really mind. It is better than watching Richard Simmons “feel the burn” he thought. For a moment, Billie seemed to just stare at the T.V., never exactly processing anything that bright colors, and funny characters. Once more, he turned his attention towards the clock, which read 1:51 AM.
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